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Unvented Cylinders 

Do you want to remove your cold water storage tank in the loft, but don't want a combi boiler?

An unvented cylinder is an ideal solution for those looking to replace an aged and inefficient hot water system. It provides an increased water pressure, meaning showers and taps have a higher flow rate. Additionally, an unvented cylinder reduces the risk of water contamination, as there is no need for a cold water storage tank. It is important to note that you must meet certain requirements in order to upgrade to an unvented cylinder, such as having sufficient water pressure and flow coming from your main water supply. With the right equipment and installation, an unvented cylinder is the perfect way to improve the efficiency of your hot water system.

Things to consider when thinking about upgrading to an unvented cylinder;

  • Do I have a minimum of 25mm mdp pipe coming into the property 

  • Do I have a 22mm feed from inside the property to the airing cupboard or location of cylinder

  • Will the joist be able support the weight of the cylinder if the cylinder is being moved to the roof space

  • Can a discharge pipe be run from the unvented cylinder to outside 

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